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All Roads Are Heading Home, 2020

The human kingdom is guided by symbols and music that travel with us along the way. They are waiting for us to pick up their traces left behind on our way home. The composition is brought together by a process of music, words, body movement and image. This journey of performativity is a ritual in which I develop a collaborative friendship between these connected elements. The independently taken analogue photographs all have their authentic place and timing. The photos are not staged and edited in this spirit. ARAHH was specially made for the This Art Fair Truck, an COVID free alternative of the This Art Fair event in 2020.

Urban Natives, 2020

Urban Natives is the final scène of the dance opera performance '8: METAMORPHOSIS' of Nicole Beutler Projects.

Slow, 2020

'Slow' is the tail from a solo dance performance with a blended discipline of analogue photography. The performance was handmade at Ron Mandos Gallery in Amsterdam in collaboration with Katinka Lampe's painting exhibition 'Slow'. You can also click here to go to the performance 'Slow'.

Art, photography, dance, choreography, performance, multidisciplinary artist
Art, photography, dance, choreography, performance, multidisciplinary artist

Terra Incognita, 2015

Terra Incognita is Rob’s first exhibition, presented in 2015 in his hometown Enschede. A year after graduation he felt the gravity with his fellow friends and artists who are all searching for a way to communicate with their art. As a dancer, he moved with his camera to capture the weight of the society and politics in relation with the search of true persona in this field of profession. Terra Incognita, unknown area, shows a beautiful dark area of the male artists he photographed for this series. This serie travels along the years with different publications and editions.

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