Slow, 2020

Slow is created by a collaboration with Ron Mandos gallery and Katinka Lampe's painting serie 'Slow'. My interpretation of 'Slow' provided a physical and emotional translation of flexibility in space. Circular vibrating information, energy, was given a physical starting point in which the effect of the negative time-space framework walks positively from the subtle world. Im Abentrot' by Richard Strauss, sung by Jessye Norman, guided through the bending valleys and reminded that the walk had to be continued (text: Joseph von Eichendorff). What you leave behind, the moving and musical symbolism, is a subtle light process in which the crossovers of analogue photography blossom. The collaboration between dance performance and analogue photography, different light forms, is a delicate research. The journey to the captured photograph has its own authentic development, in which the final result is of secondary importance. A process of endless soothing dialogues. A blossoming experience with the illusions of the ego.

The two captured performances are visible as a diptych in the photography page.


Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam

’Slow’ - Katinka Lampe

Music - Vier Letzte Lieder, Im Abendrot - Richard Strauss, Jessye Norman

Performance, direction and costume - Rob Polmann

Video trailer - Jip Mus

5 & 6 September 2020

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Voor Mama, 2020

The classical composition "Voor Mama" by Wibi Soerjadi is our musical ground. We travel in our symmetrical focus and physical journey. The piano takes us to the next destination, so that touch can be felt again. Tightness can be released again. We make this duet to thank 'Mother' in this musical composition. Wibi Soerjadi wrote and played this song while his mother was passing away. Thanking 'the Mother', Mother Earth, and the mother of all things. Patterns and rhythms that seem stuck become fertile and organic. Through symmetry and the traces of different forms, the unfolded piano sounds play the X and the Y, so that both are constructed and performed as much as possible. From simplistic game tasks, which become complex as the brain ages, the childlike awakens to play the game in a physical way. Letting go of the structure allows for liveliness.

This creation was supported by the residency of Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg.

Makers and dancers - Nina Plantefèfe-Castryck and Rob Polmann

Music - Radetzky March - Richard Strauss and Wibi Soerjardi - Voor Mama

Duration - 10 minutes

Work in progress

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Antonietta, 2018

Antonietta is a celebration of time. This multidimensional character collects the abundance within the queer community. This feast cracks like the Nutcracker into a dramatic narrative along a physical explosive duet with large projected animations and the performer. Antonietta is handmade club performance for the Supperclub in collaboration with Random Imperfections of Marc van Loon.

Performer and choreographer - Rob Polmann

Visuals and illustrations - Quinten Willemsen

Music - Tschaikovsky - The Nutcracker, Pas de Deux, The Prince and the Suger-plum Fairy

Lights - Marc van Loon

Costumes - Rob Polmann and Zell Creations

Duration - 06:30 minutes

Realised by - Random Imperfections, Supperclub, Kiaresh Zangenah, Leandra Haupt, Claudia Fischer

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