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Rob is a professional dance artist and a Jungian psychoanalyst in training. From my early (academic) years, I was drawn intuitively, with eclipsed passion, to the psychology constituted in family and group dynamics, the autonomous life of body and psychic movement, the transference of art and audience and more. Gradually, a constellating chain of experiences and artistic encounters unmasked itself. These collaborations guided me in an ongoing layered healing process and took me on the train to become a Jungian psychoanalyst in the Netherlands.

My versatile coaching movements hold the flexibility as my dance career. This practice invites stories where psychological challenges are worked on with time, length and engagement in varieties of artistic mediums.

Jungian analytical psychology in all its depths offers a therapeutic container that constellates spaciousness for the individual process. I help people when unknown destinations intervene in personal relationships, suddenly in (painful) opposition against the environment or squaring internal desires and passions. The healing process of becoming (y)our whole personality requires time, reflection and breath. This is offered in the analytic hour with my Jungian ‘mythopoetical-psychospiritual’ background; the analyst/coach as witness and empathic participant.

We can discuss ways to make coaching work within your budget. My practice is in Amsterdam, IJburg, The Netherlands. Online sessions are possible as well. Sessions are in Dutch or English. Email:

In 2014 Rob graduated from Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts with a Bachelor in Dance. Since then working with choreographers and dance companies such as; Nicole Beutler Projects, LeineRoebana, Conny Janssen Danst, GrossDanceCompany, Ivgi&Greben, Internationaal Dans Theater, House of Makers.

Rob visits schools and universities at request teaching in improvisation, dance technique and choreography. My classes are about presence, exercising the body and mind in space, articulating the whole instrument in the here-and-now and becoming one with the all available transformative currency in the multidimensional experience by inviting the cultivation of spontaneous authentic expressions. Surfing with the psychology of introverted-extraverted oppositional fields that is charged in in the dance studio; a laboratory playground of breath, game, love and music.


For enquiries about dance and teaching, contact me also at:

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